It Takes Guts to Feel Good
By the second week of February, it is estimated that 80% of New Years resolutions will fail, according to U.S. News. The reason for such high failure rates lies in the fact that although ambitions to build a fancy and new life goal may be strong, the foundation upon which you are building is weak.

During arguably the most crucial and confusing human health battle our generation has experienced, building a strong foundation is more important than ever. As is the case almost every New Year, in 2021, polls show that health-related resolutions top the list. 43% of men and 47% of women surveyed are prioritizing health over money, family, love, or their careers.

Prioritizing health. Great. Big goal. But where to begin?

Get this: recent studies are indicating that the bacteria in your gut could impact the severity of COVID-19

So what? We’re telling you to protect your stomach during flu season. Shouldn’t I be concerned about my throat? My lungs?

“Don’t share your air!” screams the California officials latest marketing effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Yes, true. And in our current world— in the chaotic contemporary health climate that we’ve rung in the New Year, immune health— in addition to respiratory health — is a key place to start.

Specifically, a long-overdue prioritization of immune health is upon us.

The markets indicate as such. Six out of 10 global consumers are looking for products that support their immune system, with one in three saying that concerns about immune health increased in 2020 over 2019.

The foundation of health begins within the gut— that intricate pile of incredible organs that make up the gastrointestinal intestinal system (aka the “gut”).

The gut has now been scientifically connected to the foundation of resolutions including reducing anxiety, depression, improvement of sleep, losing weight, and of course: supporting your immune system. Last month the Wall Street Journal noted that new studies point to the trillions of organism in the gut that play a role in regulating depression. This shouldn’t surprise us as the largest verve, the vagus nerve, runs from your gut to your brain. Scientist are now able to link our feelings of stress, anxiety and depression to a disturbance of gut health. Truly, it takes guts to feel good. 

Although we are nearing February and most of your resolutions have a statistical chance at failure, I can guarantee you one thing is certain you won’t fail to do: drink water. For if you fail to do this so will your body fail within a few short days. Last year, Nouri set a resolution as well to help improve gut and immune health of as many people as possible (70% of the immune system resides within the gut).

Nouri’s latest innovation, Inner Immune, is developed for the successful and failing New Years warriors alike. The product builds the immune system through the gut, which prepares your body to respond when the challenges come (this product is “2020 proof”). Packaged in a powder format that dissolves directly into water, Inner Immune is calorie and sugar-free— unique among competing immune health products. 

Inner Immune delivers a 14 ingredients-in-1 benefit (kind of like the amount of tasks you do while also muting yourself on a Zoom call). Best of all, Inner Immune can help you hit your financial and health goals all in one. Inner Immune is up to 334x more affordable as compared to the average vitamin and supplement spend per trip. Here’s to starting 2021 with the combined resolution to support your gut health and your wallet, one sip at a time.
Written by Caroline Beckman

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