Safe holiday travels, America!

On Nov. 25, over 1 million travelers were screened passing through American airports — more than any other day since March of this year. Indeed, despite (or perhaps in spite) of the ongoing pandemic, Thanksgiving brought a travel surge henceforth unseen in 2020 as Americans headed home or to visit loved ones in droves.

As Christmas, Hanukkah, and the winter holiday season approach, curfews, travel restrictions, and lockdowns — both at home and abroad — are being debated and implemented by governments and health officials who warn that this holiday travel season will be the riskiest in living memory. Los Angeles County health officials banned all public and private gatherings for at least three weeks and urged residents to stay home as much as possible. Italy has banned travel between its regions between Dec. 21 and Jan. 6. The list of similar actions across the nation around the globe steadily grows.

Those who choose to travel this winter will undoubtedly hear — and would do well to heed — health tips of the sort that have been widely and loudly broadcasted by public health officials, plastered on billboards, advised in PSAs, and regurgitated by mother-in-laws over the past 9 months:

wear a mask!
wash your hands!
stay hydrated!
sanitize surfaces!
get enough sleep!
get your exercise!

and, of course…


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Written by Caroline Beckman
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