It takes guts to feel good.

Science proven formula for better gut and immune health.  

plant-based omega oil*

ingredients supported by science

no refrigeration necessary

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Digestive Health Probiotic



Digestive Health combines five probiotic strains and a plant based omega oil for digestive and immune support.

immune health*

advanced digestion*


Women's Health Probiotic



Women’s Health capsule contains a soothing blend of 5 probiotic strains to support vaginal health & whole cranberry powder to support urinary tract health.

urinary tract health*


advanced digestion*

Weight Health Probiotic



Weight Health features a probiotic superstrain, Lactobacillus gasseri BNR-17, which supports healthy weight management.

viceral fat reduction*

reduction in waste & hip circumference*

advanced digestion*

Our science formula for better gut health combines quality ingredients and unique innovation for a powerful delivery.   

Here is how Nouri works


With Nouri’s 2-in-1 capsule technology the good bacteria inside each capsule remains protected during digestion. Nouri’s capsules deliver twice as much good bacteria to your body when compared to standard probiotic capsules.

healthy foundation 

Good gut health is the foundation to whole body health. Good, living bacteria in your gut works behind the scenes to build your immune system and support normal digestion.

proactive solution

Nouri was created to be taken daily as a foundational part of your wellness routine. Get ahead of seasonal health challenges before they start.

Our Innovation

No refrigeration necessary

Our solutions do not need refrigeration. We want to make it easier for you to take Nouri and this allows us to send it straight to your door.  

Simple and Clean

Science made simple, and clean. No fillers. We use only quality ingredients. Giving you the most benefit.  

Research Supported

Published research to deliver double the amount of good bacteria on day one 


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