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the end in mind.

Our capsule-in-capsule technology not only ensures a safe delivery to the gut, but each probiotic strain is bolstered by clinical studies that have proven to benefit the body in specific ways.

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Delivering the highest quality and most accessible microbiome solutions on the market.

Ingredients Backed

By Science

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Precision Probiotics

Capsules that deliver probiotic strains further into the gut for better results.

More on the Microbiome

Learn more about how the microbiome impacts your health and wellness.

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Real Results, Real Reviews
nouri's happy customers

I’m in peri-menopause and already experiencing the hot flashes, joint aches, and mood swings. I’ve been taking this supplement for a month, and the hot flashes have all but stopped!...

– Lisa

I have enjoyed using this supplement for my digestive health. It has a citrus smell and slight taste but not too overpowering. I love knowing I am doing something to better my health and take care of myself.

– Taylor

I love everything about this product! This product works amazingly, and I love that it doesn't have a taste! This product is definitely a must-have!

– Misty

Probably the best probiotic I’ve used. I can really tell a difference in my gut health, and I’ve lost a couple pounds! Win - win!

– Maggie

I’ve been using this for a few weeks and use it as my only supplement. I’m healthy and avoid medication if I can. So far, impressed with the quality!

– Emily

I find this to be so refreshing and delicious! I love that I can have something that I enjoy this much that is also good for me. I have also used it to make a blended ice drink...

– DeeLee