Are Bacteria to Blame for Your Weight?

Numerous clinical studies have shown the correlation between the gut microbiome and weight. Science is continuing to understand the role that bacteria in your gut play in the pathways that impact:

  1. Satiety and food intake
  2. Energy expenditure and metabolism
  3. Production of hormones like ghrelin (the “hungry hormone”)
  4. Gut motility and fat storage


How do bacteria in the gut influence weight?

The gut’s role in hormone production and the gut-brain-connection.

Here’s an example: Bacteria in your gut help break down food into small molecules (metabolites). The type of bacteria that you have in your gut plays a role in how your food gets broken down and used. Some bacteria can modify the release of certain hormones, such as ghrelin (the “hungry hormone”), are less desirable.

Whereas other good bacteria may promote the production of leptin (the “satiety hormone”), are helpful when trying to manage weight. Depending on what hormones are created, these hormones can activate different neurotransmitters and send messages and through the nervous system to the brain. This can start a cascade of signals across the body, like having feelings of hunger even though you recently ate. Other bacteria might influence how and where energy should be stored in your body.


Weight not budging? Your bacteria might be to blame.

If basic diet and exercise changes are not generating any results, it might be because your gut microbiome is out of balance. Activity that starts in your gut microbiome can influence decisions your brain is making about your weight management, without you even knowing it! The bacteria in your gut might be responsible for what you are craving, how often you are eating, and how fast (or slow) your metabolism functions.


Probiotics for Weight Management

The good news is that your gut microbiome is a living thing that can change depending on what you eat, what you do, and where you go. One of the easiest ways to support a healthy gut microbiome is through probiotics, or good bacteria that have a beneficial effect when consumed. But not all probiotics are the same. If you want help with a specific health issue, you need to find the right probiotic for the job. When it comes to help with your weight, Nouri Weight Health is formulated with specific strains of probiotics, including Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17™, to help manage weight health starting in the microbiome. This strain has been shown to:

  • Support a healthy BMI (body mass index)
  • Promote a healthy metabolism
  • Target levels of abdominal fat

Clinical studies have shown results within three months of daily usage, but since every gut is different, some consumers see results much sooner.

The Nouri Weight Health Starter Pack offers a 3-month supply at a 15% discount.  

Written by Sara Urbanek

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