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Synbiotic + Immunity Blend

14 Stick Packs–Supplement Drink Mix


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Nouri’s StayWell is a synbiotic solution that supports daily gut and immune health. One packet per day best prepares your body to respond to challenges as they come. Each StayWell packet delivers prebiotics, probiotics, immunobiotics, and daily vitamins with zero sugar and zero calories. Convenient, effective, and delicious.*
Key Ingredients


How to Use

Mix 1 stick pack serving with 8-12 oz of liquid daily or as directed by your physician.


immune health*

digestive health*

daily vitamins

0 sugar, 0 calories

How to Use

Enjoy StayWell once daily to support your Digestive and Immune Health.*

Mix 1 stick pack serving with 8-12 oz of liquid daily or as directed by your physician.

70% of immune cells are in your gut.


Specialized fibers that stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the gut


Good, living bacteria that supports digestive and immune health


A microorganism that improves cellular immunity, reducing the incidence and severity of common illnesses

How to Support Your Microbiome

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good sleep

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low sugar

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high fiber diet

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time spent outside

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Nouri's StayWell


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no refrigeration necessary

no additives or fillers

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